First 12 Weeks

At Hokkyokusei Kennels, we think it is important to expose puppies to a variety of different experiences to prepare them for the rest of their lives. This helps to create a dog that does not stress as easily and is more accepting and adaptable to new simulations and situations.

Our puppies are born in a whelping box in our spare bedroom. This allows for us to be near them at all times. We start early neurological stimulation a few days after they are born and work through the puppy culture program. 

By week four, puppies are moved to a weaning pen with toys, beds, and a litter box. Throughout the next couple of weeks we expose them to a variety of new items such as jungle gyms, tunnels, balance discs, scent items, etc. 

We start taking them to new environments and exposing them to things that are different as soon as it is possible. We don’t over expose them and we do not bring them to dog popular places during this time. 

Hokkyokusei Kennels truly believes that training and exposure is very important but it is equally important to let your puppy be a puppy too!