Early Training Program

The following is what to expect when purchasing a puppy through Hokkyokusei Kennels. We believe that training starts early and we want to ensure that your puppy gets off on the best possible paw!

  1. Puppy Culture Raised Puppy: From early neurological stimulation, emotional stability exercises, teaching puppies to communicate needs politely, handling frustrations with ease, early positive crate training, and early toilet training, Puppy Culture builds a calm, confident, and adaptable puppy that is a pleasure to add to your family.
  2. Training: As a trainer we start teaching puppies life skills like Manding (asking politely), toilet training, crate/car training, and how to settle down.  We also introduce basic training skills like sit, down, circle/spin, attention, leash walking, and coming when called. 
  3. Crate Conditioning: We introduce crates early, conditioning puppies to see their crate as a positive thing. We play lots of crate entry games and build tolerance to confinement. Puppies are taught early on that crates are a safe place to enjoy their favorite things. This will help make transitioning to your home less stressful for everyone. Early crate conditioning lays the foundation for our puppies to grow into dogs who are calm and confident when crated, whether at home, at trials or shows, or when traveling with your family.
  4. Car Conditioning: Puppies have the opportunity to climb into and play in vehicles. They learn that cars are safe and enjoyable places to relax. Puppies receive several vehicle exposures, including at least 1 hour of actual driving time. This prepares your puppy to be a confident and happy traveler that can easily accompany you to shows, trials, or on family trips.
  5. Pick up: In the best interest of our puppies, we prefer to not have to ship puppies as cargo. We encourage you to pick your puppy up in person, meet us and your dog’s relatives, and attend our puppy seminar. When this is not possible, we will work with you to ensure that your puppy has the best experience possible while flying and that you receive the puppy seminar before your puppy arrives.
  6. Community: Along with your Hokkyokusei puppy comes a lifetime of advice, support, and encouragement. We maintain regular contact with our puppy families through our Hokkyokusei Kennel Facebook Page. You will find your extended Hokkyokusei family to be encouraging, supportive, and always ready to help you make the most of your life with your Japanese Akita. We are always available via Facebook, text, email, or phone to provide any support we can for the life of your dog
  7. Ongoing Support: Additional support and information is available through our blog, both on our kennel website and our training website (Big Leap of Faith Dog Training). You will find valuable resources on training, enrichment, and practical living with your dog.
  8. Detailed Information: A detailed health and training record is sent home with each puppy. Our puppies also have at least one puppy exam with our veterinarian.  You will receive a detailed report of all health care, as well as a detailed written report of all training and socialization.
  9. Photo Album: You will receive many photos of your puppy from birth -12 weeks! This album reflects all the things your puppy has been through and accomplished.
  10. Safety: All puppies are micro chipped and the lifetime enrollment is paid. All you need to do is update your contact information. You will receive all the information you need to update your puppy’s listing.
  11. Registration:  All puppies are registered with the United Kennel Club (UKC), AKIHO, & JACA. We pay for the first year membership of AKIHO & JACA. We are hopeful that you will continue the membership after the first year.
  12. Free Puppy Raising Seminar: We want to set you and your puppy up for lifelong success. Before you take your puppy home, you will be provided with an abundance of educational material to help you prepare for your puppy raising experience.Topics include feeding, vaccinations, grooming, health, basic training, behavior, puppy biting/mouthing, socialization, crate training, and house training in great detail.