Our Story

I’m Amber and I grew up with the American Akita and have always loved and admired them. However, the moment I saw a Japanese Akita, I knew that one day I would have one. In 2012, I started researching the breed. In 2013, I reached out to Claire Matthews, the owner of Kaiju Kennels. My first Japanese Akita came home in 2016. I was on a 3 year wait list, but the wait was worth it.
Yuuna is exactly what I was looking for: A dog who has good structure, good temperament, and the ability to do performance work. Claire has been a great mentor, guiding me through the ins and outs of the breed and supporting new people in getting involved.
I work full time in social services and I own my own dog training business. Hokkyoukusei Kennels is a small kennel working to preserve the Akita breed. We likely will not have litters often, but when we do the foremost priority is breeding quality dogs in terms of structure, health, and temperament. Our dogs are family members first and live inside with us. They share our home, and each dog participates in some kind of activity. I will admit sharing the bed can be quite difficult!
Brandon is the other half of Hokkyokusei Kennels. He is a great supporter of our vision and he is the person who helps make our household run smoothly. The dogs love him and he loves the dogs!

Yuuna & I

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