Hokkyokusei Kennels puts a great deal of time and money into each litter we produce and every puppy we raise. Each puppy receives the same love, attention, and high standard of care regardless whether it is a show prospect or destined to be a companion only. All of our puppies come with the same health warranty and we put the same amount of effort into screening homes, making matches, and providing lifetime support to the new owner.

We pay for your first year of membership through AKIHO & JACA. Your UKC registration, first set of shots, and microchip are also included in the price of the dog.

All puppies are raised through Puppy Culture.

As a breeder and a trainer your puppy will learn the start of basic commands by the time it leaves here at 12 weeks. Some of the basic commands  include sit, down, come, collar and leash training, circle/spin, and crate training. This will start at 8 weeks.

For more information regarding training check out Big Leap of Faith’s website here.

Price Guide

Show Prospect and Standard

Show Prospect $2,500 USD
Standard $2,500 USD
Non-Standard $1,800 USD
Long Coat $800 USD

We sell our show prospect puppies at the same price as our standard pups that are family companions. The difference is in the application process and sales contract. We are very thoughtful in the way in which we screen applicants, but even more so when the buyer wants breeding rights for the dog. All buyers interested in showing and/or breeding must become members of the Japanese Akita Club of America and adhere to the JACA Code of Ethics. AKIHO membership is necessary in order to transfer the dog’s Japanese pedigree to the owner’s name, but the first year of membership is included with the sales agreement for show prospects. Only pups which conform to the breed standard may be sold as show prospects; all others will be sold with limited privileges only and require spay or neuter.

If a puppy was purchased with a show contract and develops one of the traits below by way of genetic inheritance by 30 months of age, we will give the buyer a $500 rebate upon receiving proof that the dog has been spayed or neutered. Alternatively, the owner may return the dog to us for a full refund. We may be able to offer a replacement show prospect but that is not always the case.

Non-Standard and Long Coat

A “non-standard” puppy has one or more traits which do not conform to the breed standard. Our breedings are chosen to produce a high average quality from very sound, confirmed parents, so the likelihood of any of these traits is extremely low. These dogs are disqualified from conformation shows and are only sold with a limited privilege contract that requires spay or neuter. Non-standard puppies are still loving pets who make excellent companions and family members. The traits which mark a puppy as non-standard affect the appearance but not the health or longevity of the individual. Note: With the exception of pinto markings and long coat, all of the traits below may take up to 12 months (30 months for height) to be determined conclusively.

  • Butterfly nose: Pink and black spots or splotches on the nose.
  • Cryptorchid: One or both testicles are not fully descended.
  • Drop ears: One or both ears do not stand completely erect.
  • Faulty bite: Extreme overbite, underbite, wry bite, or a snaggle tooth.
  • Irregular height: Under minimum or above maximum height requirements. Japanese Akita females must be 58 – 64 cm and males must be 64 – 70 cm.
  • Long coat: Exceptionally long fur that is soft and silky.
  • Pinto markings: Full collar or any white on the torso or back knees.
  • Sickle tail: Tail does not curl enough to touch the back.